Silver Lining Anyone?

What a wonderfully terrifying, stimulating, crazy world we live in…

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Fake it till you make it…Really?!?!

We’ve all heard the phrase before. And I used to believe it. I used to believe that as long as I went on like I knew what I was doing (in life, love, work) I would pick up what I needed along the way. And the next thing you’d know, there’d be much less faking and a whole lot more making…but now? Now, I’m not so sure.

As an adult, an actual adult—when the HECK did that happen???–I find this mindset less and less easy to accomplish. I find myself believing more and more in honesty, vulnerability, hard work, and living a life full of kindness and love. But you cannot fake these things. Faking honesty = deceit. Faking vulnerability = a life with walls you pretend aren’t there but keep people out nonetheless. Faking hard work = being less deeply prepared for the skills and experiences that help pay your bills. And faking kindness and love = desperation, anxiety, and a hollow, unfulfilling life.

Now, is this life an easy choice? Let me be very, very clear: NO.

Not only is it not easy, it is truly terrifying and difficult. Living a life of vulnerability means exposing your soft underbelly and tender heart to a world much more likely to tear them apart than to rub and hold them gently. But doing this, being vulnerable, choosing love and kindness in this crazy, out of control world we live in, virtually guarantees that at some point you will find someone like yourself. Someone who, if you are lucky, has been through similar experiences and understands the great leap of faith you have taken to live your life this way.

So here’s to those who choose this life. Here’s to those who helps us along the way. Here’s to those living an intentional, vulnerable life. May God hold your hearts close, and may each of you find someone to guide you.

Silver Lining:

You are not alone on this journey. watch out for those who watch out for you. And LOVE. Truly, madly, deeply, wholly, and never look back.