Silver Lining Anyone?

What a wonderfully terrifying, stimulating, crazy world we live in…

Because sometimes we need a reminder…

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A friend replied to another friend of hers on Facebook which led me to see this beautiful piece.

I’m not into fat-shaming, skinny-shaming, healthy-shaming, ANY kind of shaming…so do not read into this too much.

The most moving part of the entire video, for me, occurs at the very, very end. When a beautiful young woman says, “We’re always looking for something, externally. For some thing to make us perfect, or to make us beautiful, or to make us valid. And we’ve always had it. We’ve always had it. It’s you. It’s you. It’s your essence. It’s who you are. You are born with it.” Now, I did my best to transcribe her words, but you really should view this and hear it for yourself.

How often do we look to others to make valid our existence?

Do we look to our identity in our children? Our identity in our relationships? Our identity in our jobs?

Why do we do this?

I think it is time for us to stop looking elsewhere and start looking within. Start looking into the deep recesses of our souls and recognizing that our “something to make us beautiful” is simple: It is US.

Beautiful, messy, imperfect you. You are the reason for you. The world needs you. The world wants you.

I realize that the video addresses the need for validation of beauty and existence specifically for plus-sized women, but what if we change the words?

Make plus-sized read: working mom, single dad, career woman, college student, lonely heart, lost Christian. What happens then? Does it change things for you? For your perspective? I sure hope so.

Silver Lining:

We really do have all we need right inside of ourselves. We just have to trust ourselves. Trust that our messiness, our imperfect nature, is worthy of loving and being loved. Love: It really is THE reason.


Author: silverlininganyone

I am a self-professed book nerd, but not a literature snob. I have a beautiful teen aged daughter who has managed to make it in to the teens...I'm praying she makes it to college! I have a silly sense of humor and can speak sarcasm fluently when necessary. Discussions feed me and I am a hungry girl, so do not be surprised, if you hit on something I am passionate about (even for a moment), if I engage you in a discussion. I've been told since I was young (kindergarten teacher told me) that I am an old soul. It has taken me 30 years to figure out what that means and to decide it isn't a bad thing.

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